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Ariel and Jenny take-on The Whole 30 challenge

DAY 11, A DELICIOUS DINNER– By Ariel January 17, 2013

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Ever since I began Whole 30, I have taken much recipe inspiration from Sarah Evers and her pins on pinterest. I followed a recipe on her blog and accidentally discovered a recipe from the same site that I got the Chocolate Chili recipe. This recipe I discovered was, Paleo Pad Thai. I had no idea what fabulous adventure I had chosen to embark on when I chose to make this dish. It was so good that I would honestly make this dish even post-Whole 30.

Check out the masterpiece: Image

It looked so much better in person too. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I am pretty sure that this is one of the more complex dishes that I’ve ever personally cooked in my life. I took on the challenge, and succeeded! I was so proud of it! You can ask my friend Shannon who was nearby as I cooked it how frequently I squealed with delight as I seamlessly went through each step of the recipe.

What made it so good:

  • Sunshine Sauce. I love peanut sauce and most other Asian-inspired sauces. This sauce was so easy to make and beyond delicious!! I am totally going to investigate other recipes and options that I could incorporate this sauce into. I made one slight modification. Due to my budget I made mine with some almond butter that I already had in my cabinet as opposed to the sunbutter which is listed in the recipe. This substitution worked flawlessly! Mmm, the sunshine sauce definitely made the recipe!
  • Eggs. You may think that by the end of this I’ll be sick of eggs, but no sir. Have you ever noticed how different the texture and consistency of eggs are in Asian dishes and wondered how they cook them? I definitely have because they’re always so good! Well, my friends, this recipe describes how to make the perfect eggs for the recipe! And, it’s so easy! You mix the eggs with coconut aminos (similar to soy sauce, but on TW30 you can’t have soy) and then spread them across a hot pan and let them nearly brown like a pancake. Then you flip them over. The way this process is described in the recipe is exactly how it worked out. And, after the process you slice the eggs into strips and bingo! EXACTLY the texture and style of the typical Asian-inspired dishes that you’re served. So, so good.

What I’d do Differently Next Time:

  • Learn how to cut spaghetti squash. I grossly underestimated the amount of spaghetti squash that I’d need for this recipe. What I did have was so delicious, but seeing as this was my first spaghetti squash recipe, I have much room for improvement! I want to find a better method of handling the seeds and getting as much of the squash out as possible, because it was so delicious!
  • Use chicken breasts. I didn’t love the chicken thighs. They cooked fine and tasted fine, but I think next time I’d use chicken breasts.

All in all, I can’t emphasize enough just howgood this recipe truly was. You’ll have to make it yourself! If the thought of paleo abhors you, it would even be good substituting real pasta for the spaghetti squash. One way or another, you must try this recipe!!!


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  1. Glad you liked the pad thai! Chicken breasts work great, and lean pork chops cut into strips are really good, too. Happy eating!

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